VISION (SNC Superstore)

SNC Superstore SNC: An ultimate ONE STOP SHOP & SERVICE CENTER of variety products and
comprehensive service in Automotive, HVAC systems (Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning),
Electrical Appliances and Electronics industries


  • Quality First
    Regard of the quality of products first.
  • Differentiation
    Create a wide variety of products and services to meet all kinds of customers.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    Create quality products at a price that customer can buy to compete.
  • Quick Response
    Meet customer needs with speed.
  • Flexible Manufacturing System
    Adjust production systems to take away flexibility to rapidly changing environment.
  • Focus on Products and Stakeholders
    Focus on products that are environmentally friendly and stakeholders, both direct and indirect.
  • Service Mind
    A mental switch and signal intentions on the service to customers satisfaction.

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