Company Profile

A wealth of experience gained since 1981 in the business of automotive and residential air conditioner has contributed to a profound understanding of our customers' need with respect to high quality products and services at reasonable price. Our ever-increasing willingness to learn and to develop has well positioned SNC FORMER to be the leading manufacturer of air-condition parts for automotives and houses, including compressor parts for nearly all Thailand's providers of such prefabricated products and parts.

They are such as, Automotive Group: Siam Valeo, Nippon Denso, Halla Climate, Showa, Calsonic, etc; Air Conditioner Group: Fujitsu, Toyo Radiator, York, Daikin, MCP, etc; and Compressor Group: Siam Compressor, Matsushita Singapore, Daikin Compressor, Copeland, Kulthom Kirby, etc.


In 2020

SNC Former Public Company Limited Established in 1994 with registered and paid-up capital of 1 million baht by Dr. Somchai Thaisa-nguanvorakul. The Group mainly engages in the production of air conditioner parts and household appliances as well as car air conditioning equipment parts for sale directly to customers who own the product brand, or to sell to customers who manufacture in-car air conditioners to be assembled a complete set of air conditioners before passing to final car manufacturers. The factory in Samut Prakan province and the factory in Rayong province are located in a strategic location in term of transportation convenience from supplier to downstream chain.

In 2007, the Group expanded its business into OEM business, starting with the production and assembly of air conditioners, which are products that the Group have had knowledge and expertise. In addition, the upstream works of the company, including copper pipes, aluminum pipes, plastics, steelworks and heat exchangers are received these benefits. As a result, the Group is able to use its production capacity efficiently and reduce the risk of relying solely on the business of manufacturing air conditioner parts and electrical appliances. In 2016, the Group expanded its production base to factories in Rayong province to combine with upstream routing to increase production efficiency and reduce freight costs. Currently, the Group manufactures and assembles a wide range of products such as air conditioning, television, refrigerator, etc. and is in the process of preparation to manufacture and assemble washing machines.

With efficient production technology State-of-the-art machine Computer-controlled production systems as well as variety of production line including plastics, steel, copper and aluminum. Together with the flexibility of the production line and management and engineering experience, the Group has earned the trust of a group of customers. Most of them own popular electronics brands who wanted to find domestic manufacturers. The Group has been producing products for more than 27 years. With current capacity, the group can manufacture 1,000,000 Sets of air conditioner, 300,000 pieces of TV refrigerator and tool cabinet per year respectively. the Group is in the process of increasing production capacity for electrical appliance manufacturing and OEM businesses in Rayong factories. Air conditioning capacity is expected to increase to 2,000,000 sets per year, including the start of production and assembly of washing machines with an expected capacity of 300,000 machines per year. With these strategies, the revenue of the group has been increased continuously.